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ROCKIN JM Riding Program.

Our riding program is based on a centered riding curriculum. Our lessons are taught on our amazing horses and ponies under careful instruction of world class trainers. When it comes to teaching, our instructors have world, national, and state titles, which gives them the background to be able to instruct with confidence and experience. The building blocks of our programs are developed to teach mastery in every level from beginner to advanced competition riding. We not only teach riding skills but also how to saddle and care for horses.

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We are excited about your interest in our program! We use an actual riding curriculum and our lessons are taught be advanced and accomplished riders/instructors. With over 75 years combined experience, our instructors are the exceptional. Our riding program is scheduled by appointment only in 30 minute sessions. Lessons are required to be paid in advance and are sold in 4 lesson blocks. We teach lessons to both adults and children. We start most of our riders at age 5 although some children are able to take lessons at an earlier age.

It is important to put riders on appropriate sized horses which helps each rider use all riding aids.  Most of our younger students take lessons on medium to large ponies. The maximum weight most horses can carry including tack (saddle and pad) is 250-300 pounds. However, our larger draft horses are able to carry more weight. 

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